How to pick a lawyer?

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lawyerWhat should you do in case you find yourself in a legal situation? Should you think of your own way for defense, or should you turn to a professional for help? Unless you are a lawyer, we recommend the latter. You need to find a person that is specialized for your area of needs. It is important that you prepare before you start your search and you need to know what questions to ask in order to make the right choice. It is best to seek a lawyer as soon as you are facing a problem that needs legal resolution, so that you can consult with them on your legal rights and obligations, and comply by statutory deadlines. The best way to find a lawyer is to ask friends or relatives that already used their services. This way you can get first hand impressions. An other possible way is through Bar Association. The least reliable way is through online and newspaper adds. Choosing a lawyer is a very personal matter. This howe ver doesn’t mean that you should disregard someone whose appearance is not to your liking, even if someone recommended them to you. It is important to establish a good working relation ship with your lawyer and to be honest with them. Only if they know all the details of your case will they be able to prepare a good defense. If you don’t cooperate fully, a lawyer won’t be able to provide best service, regardless of their experience and recommendations.
An important quality of a good lawyer is their availability. Pay good attention how quickly they answer your calls, and emails, do they see you at arranged time, and the like. When talking to them, it is important that you feel comfortable. If you doubt them, it is best that you seek another lawyer. You should hand your case to someone who is trustworthy and who seems confident.
Questions that you need to ask potential lawyers are:
– Do they have experience with specific litigations that concern your case?
– Will they be the one to represent you, or one of their associates? If the associate will be leading the case, you have the right to meet them and continue the conversation with them.
– How many cases did they have that were they similar to yours? How were they settled, and on whose benefit?
– Can they provide a list of references, i.e. cases that they had and that are similar to yours.
A responsible and honest lawyer will gladly answer all these questions, even ones that you didn’t ask, but they know or feel are important for your case. However, if you notice that they are trying to avoid direct answers or are not giving all the information that you need, you should probably look for someone else. Most importantly, before you make a final decision, check the Bar Association to find out if the candidate has ever been investigated or a subject of appeal.

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